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Each incense stick is hand-dipped using all organic blends. Each order comes with 10 sticks. 

Lavender incense: Calming and soothing this wonderful incense has been hand blended and hand dipped, utilizing a variety of 8 different lavenders for the perfect lavender incense.

Greenman incense: This wonderful incense has been crafted utilizing a matured botanical perfume blend, it smells incredible like a walk through the deep dark woods, resinous, damp moss, mushrooms, firs, cedars, ferns, oaks, a sprinkling of occasional wild rose and magic. Hand blended and hand dipped created with joy!

Cedar incense: This sharp green, forest scent has been hand blended and hand dipped, utilizing a variety of 10 different cedars for the perfect cedar incense.

Amber & Lavender: Using over 25 different botanical, this blend came from a customer suggestion and I’m so so glad for it. This aroma is pure magic. Using only botanicals. A multitude of 9 lavenders, a mixture of 4 ambers from my palette of pre conceived blends, a sprinkling of stardust and pure joy!

Amber incense: Sweet resinous amber, with a heart of roses and jasmine, a cheery bright top of citrus, and a wonderful base of labdanum, and organic resins.
My personal favorite, I have this one burning as often as I can!
Hand blended and hand dipped. The perfect amber incense.

Frankincense + Myrrh incense: Heart opening, mental clarity inducing, firmly grounding and creativity expanding, use this wonderful incense to clear space. A delicious blend of pure frankincense and myrrh. Hand blended and hand dipped. The perfect frankincense and myrrh incense.

Lemongrass incense: Sharp bright, cheerful and delicious using organic lemongrass, hand dipped, created with joy!

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