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Simply put, mantras are syllables or phrases you repeat. The act of repeating these words can energize you, aiding you to manifest your ambitions. In Mantras Made Easy, you will learn how to positively influence your thinking as well those around you.

Whether you hope to achieve happiness, forgiveness, peace, or wealth, there are mantras here to guide you. With coaching from professor and counselor Sherianna Boyle, you will tap into the power of this ancient practice and unlock your true potential. From overcoming challenges to starting a whole new chapter of your life, the 200 mantras in this book will allow you to achieve your highest potential and become a source of infinite love. If you're ready, just say the word.


Sherianna Boyle, MED, CAGS, is an adjunct psychology professor, seasoned yoga instructor, and author of five other books; she has also been published in more than fifty articles. Some of her most prominent work has been as an energy practitioner, blending insight from her years of teaching parent education and adolescent self-esteem classes with her experience as a licensed school psychologist. Her book The Four Gifts of Anxiety was endorsed by NAMI, and Choosing Love was placed on the top ten must reads with Metro US. Sherianna's services and resources can be found at

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